SiO4 Signs Global Reseller Agreement with Cronus-Cyber Technologies to Resell and Incorporate Their Award-Winning Cybot Next-Generation Vulnerability Management Tool

CyBot Next-Generation Vulnerability Management Tool for Automated Pen Testing Will Be Offered as a Stand-Alone Solution and Incorporated into SiO4’s SAFE HOUSE™ Dark Edge
LONDON, England and HAIFA, Israel – May 15, 2018 – SiO4 Limited an industry-leading provider of specialised advanced cyber threat intelligence services, today announced a global reseller agreement with Cronus-Cyber Technologies, a global provider of machine-based penetration testing. SiO4 will resell the award-winning Cronus CyBot next-generation vulnerability management tool as a stand-alone solution to their customers and include it within the SAFE HOUSE™ Dark Edge module.
SiO4 SAFE HOUSE is a complete scalable and cost-effective set of modular cybersecurity services and products that focus on delivering actionable and targeted threat intelligence. It provides the ‘who, what, why, when and how’ to defend against present and future cyber-threats. Using the service will give businesses a pre-emptive warning of an imminent breach, meaning they can react before threat actors strike. SiO4 SAFE HOUSE delivers REAL threat intelligence gathered by a specialised elite team of operatives that infiltrate closed Dark Web forums and underground economy marketplaces. Delivering verified HUMINT pre-emptive threat intelligence directly from the source where cybercriminals plan, share and organise malicious activities.
“We are pleased to offer and incorporate the award-winning Cronus-Cyber Technologies CyBot product to our customers worldwide,” said Andrew Speakmaster, CTO and Founder of SiO4. “This agreement will allow SiO4 to offer a unique and proven penetration testing solution in a unique way. Customers can purchase CyBot as a point product, or part of the SAFE HOUSE Dark Edge offering. Our products and solutions are specifically developed to be cost-effective and scalable, meeting our customers exacting needs. CyBot an ideal addition for SiO4’s global product portfolio and will benefit organisations in helping them with GDPR compliance.”
CyBot is a virtual machine that is installed on premise or in a private or public cloud. It uses patented algorithms to autonomously seek validated exploitable routes to reach the infrastructure’s critical assets and business processes. CyBot does not require any configuration and runs seamlessly and automatically scans the network and web, find Attack Path Scenarios™ (APS), and will alert on threats to your critical assets and business processes. These APS enable global visibility on current risks from the Web and the internal infrastructure. CyBot is an ideal product for medium and large enterprises and MSSPs.
‎“SiO4 offers high-value cyber security products and solutions for any organisation,” said Daniel Yaakov, Director of Sales & Channels of Cronus-Cyber Technologies. “CyBot will allow SiO4’s customers to incorporate our award-winning product into their infrastructure to deliver continuous and real-time detection of exploitable routes. With CyBot in SAFE HOUSE Dark Edge, SiO4 can deliver a comprehensive solution to their customers, creating greater value and scalability to help mitigate risk and cyber threats.”
Product Pricing and Availability
Cronus Technology CyBot is available immediately from SiO4. To request pricing, please contact SiO4 at +44 (0)845 388 0559, or email [email protected] Visit the SiO4 website at for more information.
About SiO4
SiO4 provides specialised advanced cyber threat intelligence services, not threat information like other vendors. With an elite team of operatives and researchers that engage threat actors in the Dark Web and underground economy, SiO4 delivers comprehensive, actionable and contextual threat intelligence focusing on preemptive breach intelligence, network exposure, compromised data, risk mitigation, social engineering, employee/physical location vulnerabilities and Dark Web surveillance in a cost-effective and scalable modular set of real-time services that act as an extension of an organisation’s IT security team. SiO4 prides itself on delivering excellence to its clients by meeting their exacting cyber threat intelligence needs. Protection is mandatory, detection and prevention are everything. For more information, please visit
About Cronus Technologies
Cronus Cyber Technologies, founded in 2014, is a global provider of machine-based penetration testing and predictive Attack Path Scenario™ (APS) solution called CyBot. Our patented technology imitates human ethical hackers operating practices to discover, predict, analyze, and mitigate the risk of sophisticated global cyber attacks - all in real time. With CyBot you will accurately invest in the best cyber security strategy to protect your key assets and business processes. For more information, visit​
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