PORTFOLIO (Jan 2018)

SiO4 Identity Guardian and Identity Guardian EB are comprehensive identity protection solutions that safeguard employees and their families from evolving identity theft and fraud while benefiting organisations by minimising damages to personal and corporate assets. SiO4 Identity Guardian actively monitors and notifies employees of suspicious activity that can greatly impact them.

The digital world has brought on many challenges that affect an entire organisation, including HR departments. SiO4 Identity Guardian enables HR professionals to deliver a high-value benefit to help find high-quality candidates resulting in high retention rates that can lower recruitment costs, expedite new hire onboarding and shorter learning curves.

SiO4 Identity Guardian EB is an ideal offering for EB brokers that are constantly challenged to deliver greater value to their clients and meet their evolving needs. SiO4 Identity Guardian EB enables EB brokers to provide a unique service that will allow their clients to provide a comprehensive identity protection solution that helps safeguard an organisation, their employees and their families from evolving identity theft and fraud.