Port 80 (HTTP) and Port 443 (SSL/HTTPS) are targets for brute force and all known and unknown attacks. RootShield from SiO4 provides comprehensive protection for all HTTP and SSL HTTPS ports with extremely low server RAM and no latency for high performance applications and environments.

With a real-time smart whitelist feature, RootShield enables immediate validation of whitelist packets and blocks unknown packets resulting in zero false positives and pass through of bad packets to the server.

With RootShield your Apache2 and NGINX servers are protected from known and unknown exploits, allowing your business to operate safely.

Network infiltration resulting in malicious activity and data exfiltration – it happens every day. With so many lines of defence in the network infrastructure how is it possible? There are many reasons, but one of the most common is the failure to update or patch web applications that leave the network vulnerable to new threats.

Baseline services need to be updated as well, ensuring your hosts are protected from the most up-to-date threats and attack vectors. Don't let your organisation be a victim of high-profile breaches.

Is your host updated? Are you at risk? As threats become more frequent and complex, the ability to identify them, real and potential, is critical to take immediate action to protect your network and valuable assets.

RootShield is a unique server-based software firewall that blocks exploits from breaching Apache2 and NGINX http and https ports.

As a host-based solution, RootShield is easy to deploy, scalable and seamless, working in real-time to block attacks before they compromise your servers. Not intended as a web application firewall, RootShield prevents hackers from determining if web applications are vulnerable by blocking access to the web servers' root directory and change log files via Directory Traverse Attacks.

RootShield protects Apache2 and NGINX web servers from being hacked using either a brute force or zero-day exploits, and also prevents web application hacks resulting from a hacker gaining access to the change log file which shows the versions and patch levels of all applications and programs on the servers.

Easy Installation – RootShield can be easily deployed on Apache2 and NGINX web and application servers and VMs in minutes.

Flexibility – can be deployed in SME/SMB, enterprise and data centre environments.

Scalability – ideal for on premise, cloud and hybrid environments.

Real-time Updates – seamless and invisible real-time protection to guard against zero-day exploits.

Risk Mitigation – helps protect against financial loss and maintain compliance.

Analytics - easily view log files to view blocked packets.

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