SiO4 SAFE HOUSE is a scalable and cost-effective set of modular cybersecurity services and products that focuses on delivering high-value Advanced Threat Intelligence, Risk Intelligence and Infrastructure Insight to meet your exacting needs. SiO4 also offers internal and perimeter security products such as soft firewalls and embedded penetration testing and analysis that work in real-time to keep your network safe 24/7.
What makes SiO4 SAFE HOUSE different than other so-called threat intelligence vendors? While others claim to deliver Dark Web intelligence, but in reality, they provide no pre-emptive intelligence to give you the advantage. Instead, it’s merely reactive, not proactive automated scanning of threat INFORMATION from OSINT sources that is usually outdated and unverified, providing minimal or no context and attribution. SiO4 SAFE HOUSE delivers REAL threat intelligence gathered by a specialised elite team of operatives that infiltrate closed Dark Web forums and underground economy marketplaces. Delivering verified HUMINT pre-emptive threat intelligence directly from the source where cybercriminals plan, share and organise malicious activities – that’s the SiO4 SAFE HOUSE advantage!
Client-specific and widespread threat intelligence is delivered in an actionable customised report format with context and threat actor attribution, so your organization can easily understand the actual threat and the motive of the threat actor, so you can take immediate corrective action.

No other vendor delivers what SiO4 does!