Your greatest assets are also your greatest liabilities. The digital age has drastically changed the way organisations do business, but there are many dangers that come with this. Approximately 90% of cyber-attacks are caused by human error. Employee negligence or malicious acts account for two-thirds of cyber breaches. Can your organisation afford to lose millions in revenue, reputational loss and fines due to non-compliance? Many organisations lack the resources to detect and correct potential threats from their staff. Social media has become a gold mine for threat actors to attack your organisation through social engineering of your employees.
Most organisations focus on the network to detect vulnerabilities and intrusion, but the human factor is often ignored. Evaluating the potential threats and creating awareness amongst staff is a critical part of an organisation’s physical and cyber security program. Computers do not commit breaches and cybercrimes. People do!

SAFE HOUSE SOCIAL ARMOUR from SiO4 is a comprehensive risk intelligence offering that analyses physical security and social engineering to evaluate and detect potential and real threats from your staff and social media presence. Our experienced team of social engineering analysts will take a deep dive into your physical security and social media outlets such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to identify and present a corporate and personnel profiling report to help mitigate risk.

In addition, our team of IT security experts will develop a customized targeted phishing, whaling and dummy payload email campaign targeted at your employees. A comprehensive report on the actions of the employee will be furnished to you so your organization can take corrective action. CISOs working with their IT security and HR teams can use these findings to create a strategic employee awareness and training program to help staff identify these threats and mitigate risk.

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SAFE HOUSE SOCIAL ARMOUR provides your organisation with:
Social Media Profiling

  • In-depth analysis of your organization’s and employee presence on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook which identifies present and potential threats and/or vulnerabilities.
  • An outsider view of your organisation as seen through the eyes of threat actors and cybercriminals targeting your employees and your business.
  • Customised phishing, whaling & dummy payload email campaigns to evaluate employee behaviour and readiness.
  • A detailed report on the results of each campaign followed by training and awareness sessions, workshops and recommendations for your staff if required.
  • Executive-level online account breach check.
  • Current employee password complexity standards (including hashes and cracked plain-text passwords).
Physical Security Analyses

  • Physical security gaps (access card readers, unsecured badges, clearly visible passwords, workstation security).
  • Human factor vulnerabilities.
  • Other potential physical security risks.
Don’t let your organisation fall prey to human factor vulnerabilities and physical security gaps that can lead to catastrophic results. SAFE HOUSE SOCIAL ARMOUR can help your organisation be better trained, prepared and protected!