PORTFOLIO (Jan 2018)

They are lurking in the shadows and coming after you! The hackers, silent and highly motivated individuals that have your organisation in their crosshairs. If you can’t see them, how do you protect yourself from the unknown?

Evil lurks in the Dark Web where threat actors are planning to steal PII, intellectual property, customer data and other valuable information. This type of threat actor is cunning, and he is constantly changing his tact to throw your IT security resources and infrastructure off track. No one knows what his next move might be. He will constantly scan your vulnerabilities until he finds the opening and then swiftly and with stealth steal your valuable IT assets and sell them on the Dark Web market to cyber criminals who will utilise that data to its fullest potential.

This is the real world of the Dark Web where breaches and malicious activity start and methods are shared with other cyber criminals. These successful, high profile breaches have ramifications far beyond network infiltration and data exfiltration. Your brand reputation and the loss of revenue associated with a breach is on the line.

SAFE HOUSE is a scalable and cost-effective set of modular cybersecurity services that focus on delivering high-value Advanced Threat Intelligence, Risk Intelligence and Infrastructure Insight. Combining pre-emptive threat intelligence, social engineering that evaluates the human factor risks of employees and the physical security of your office, SiO4 helps organisations to safeguard their assets.

Your mission is to obtain pre-emptive contextualized threat and breach intelligence. However, you do not have the resources, budget or talent to do so. Time is of the essence and those targeting you in the Dark Web are planning an attack on your organisation. What can you do?
SAFE HOUSE delivers widespread and targeted pre-emptive threat intelligence from a combination of operatively-sourced and verified OSINT. Our operatives scour closed Dark Web forums, the underground economy and other sources where cybercriminals plan, share and organise malicious activities.

SAFE HOUSE from SiO4 mitigates risk and help organisations to limit financial penalties and maintain compliance (ISO, PCI, GDPR). Acting as an extension of your IT security team, SAFE HOUSE will deliver “white glove” service to deliver pre-emptive information to safeguard your IT assets against these highly organised and complex cyber gangs and criminals.

We @SiO4 will continue to innovate, adding new services and products to the SAFE HOUSE portfolio line up in the coming months.