Why is there no RootShield version available for Linux Server OS?
The reason some older Linux Operating Systems are not compatible with RootShield is due to package dependency issues.

How much time does it take to install RootShield?
The average time it takes to download the installer, upload it to your server, and run the shell script installer is less than three minutes.

How do I install RootShield on my Linux server?
You will find instruction in the User Guide that has detailed and very easy step by step instructions. If you have any installation questions, please send us a support email at [email protected]

Does RootShield require any maintenance?
After you have installed RootShield, it requires no maintenance whatsoever. Updates are pushed seamlessly to the application, easing the burden on valuable IT resources.

How do I get RootShield Updates?
All Apache2 & NGINX RootShield versions receive updates automatically.

How often will there be a RootShield version update?
Typically, that depends on when Apache2 or NGINX have updates. In addition, there are approximately four annual updates which may include security enhancements or new features. When an update is released, you will be notified.



We are very customer focused, and if you have any feature or product improvement suggestions, please forward them to us!

We encourage your suggestions to improve RootShield. Please forward any suggestions to [email protected]