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Evil lurks in the Dark Web where threat actors are planning to steal PII, intellectual property, customer data and other valuable information. This threat actor is cunning, and he is constantly changing his tactics to throw your IT security resources and infrastructure off track. No one knows what his next move might be. He will constantly scan your vulnerabilities until he finds the opening and then swiftly and with stealth steals your valuable IT assets and sells them on the Dark Web market to cyber criminals that will utilize that data to its fullest potential.
Today, perimeter security is not enough to combat malicious threats from highly organized and sophisticated cyber gangs and threat actors. Even the most secure organisations are breached from scores of inherent weaknesses, such as human factor, unpatched vulnerabilities, outdated OS and firmware, internal threats, cyber supply chain, SCADA, IoT, BYOD and other vectors. IT security teams need to include threat intelligence to help mitigate risk and obtain pre-emptive intelligence.
The number of successful, high profile breaches have ramifications far beyond network infiltration and data exfiltration. Your brand reputation and the loss of revenue associated with a breach is on the line. Don’t allow your organization to make front page news!

However, not all so-called threat intelligence is the same. Many vendors claim to offer threat intelligence, but actually offer data feeds with no or little context, unverified and untargeted information; and raw data that needs an exorbitant amount of internal resources to sort through. REAL threat intelligence provides operatively-sourced pre-emptive information of the who, what, why and when of targeted and widespread threats before they can affect your organisation. SiO4 ZERO CONTACT leverages its operative and research teams to deliver intelligence from Dark Web forums and the Underground Economy.
No other vendor delivers highly valued and effective pre-emptive targeted widespread breach and Dark Web intelligence by engaging with threat actors directly in the communities, closed forums, marketplaces and social sites, enabling strategic assessment of the dynamic threat landscape. This is where the bad actor resides, ready to make their move and create havoc in your organization. It’s only a matter of time.

What about other methods or claims from other vendors? You can’t defend what you can’t see, and the lack of visibility hinders the true value of pure threat intelligence. Appliances, data feeds and AI offer little value since they deliver little if any context, support or attribution. The only way you can obtain a clear understanding of the threats and motives is with operatively-sourced intelligence (meaningful chatter and pre-emptive information). There is no clear understanding or strategy to prioritise, counter or triage the unknown. You are still at a loss.


SAFE HOUSE ZERO CONTACT is a subscription-based service that provides organisations with:

Proactive Services

  • An initial assessment of compromised credentials, personnel profiling and brand reputation.
  • Real-time alerts.
  • Assessment reports produced at contract frequency (weekly, monthly & upon request).
  • Acts as an extension of your IT security team.

Reactive Service (post breach)

  • Post breach assessment of exfiltrated data in Dark Web closed forums and the Underground Economy.
  • Delivery of threat actor attribution.
  • Engagement with law enforcement up to prosecution (separate offering and tender).

Don’t settle for tactical threat intelligence products that deliver little or no value in the forms of endless data sifting that taxes valuable internal resources, behavioural tracking that can easily be manipulated by a highly skilled threat actor, or meaningless feeds with no context and pre-emptive HUMINT. Demand strategic, context rich cyber threat intelligence from SAFE HOUSE ZERO CONTACT.

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